Will you walk my dog during their stay?

Yes, unless you instruct otherwise. No dogs will be let off the lead and only a maximum of four dogs will be walked at any one time. Our walk route is very quiet and secluded.

Are all dogs suitable for home day care at Little Bones?

Dogs that are incontinent, aggressive, chew furniture or not vaccinated will not be suitable candidates as we have a responsibility to other dog guests and dog owners. Also, any dog due to season or in season will not able to stay during that period – please see our Terms & Conditions.

Will my dog need Vaccinations?

Yes, this is a condition of our Licence from the Local Authority and means that all dogs are required to show evidence as to their annual vaccinations to protect against infections and disease including Kennel Cough. Your dog also needs to have been treated for worms and fleas. Please see our Terms & Conditions.

Can I bring my dog’s own bed/bedding and Toys?

We would prefer you not to bring bedding. On occasions beds will be weed on and toys will be destroyed. If you wish to leave a bed or toy, I am unable to take responsibility. I do however, provided my own bedding and toys where necessary. We are very happy to chat to you about this.

What happens if I need to collect my dog later than agreed?

We would ask that you contact as soon as you are able to let us know if you will be delayed. There will be an additional charge, but we aim to keep that to a minimum where at all possible.

Do you use cages or kennels?

All dogs are kept in our home as part of our family. We do not use cages, crates or kennels, however, if the dog guest’s parent requires their dog to be caged, this will need to be discussed at your trial visit so that arrangements can be put in place. We will be organising partitioned sleeping compartments within our bedroom in the near future.

What if my dog is elderly?

For mature or less able dogs that require extra peace and quiet, we can on occasions provide a quiet room away from the main communal area of our house.

What breed of dogs do you accept?

Most toy breeds and tiny cross breeds subject to our first meeting at your trial visit.

How may dogs will be staying at your home?

We aim only to have 8 guest dogs at any one time so that we can provide your little treasure with as much attention as needed. The only exception will be during a drop off or pickup when integration will be carefully monitored.

Any question not covered above?

If you have any questions or would just like to have a chat please contact Brian on 07808 398 736, click here to email us or use our contact form by clicking here.